Complete 20-point system check-up for only $20

20-point Service for $20

Wondering what are those 20 points? Glad you ask!

  1. Consult with our customer to see if they are experiencing any discomfort noises or have any concerns
  2. Visually inspect for leaks in the venting
  3. Check temperature difference
  4. Check thermostat for accuracy and levelness
  5. Check the blower wheel for cleanliness and balance
  6. Inspect all air filters for better air filtration on each inspection and replace if provided by the customer
  7. Inspect all belts and tighten if necessary
  8. Check the transformers
  9. Check electrical connections
  10. Check the contactors or relays for pitting or electrical continuity
  11. Check the running capacitors for all of the motors
  12. Check the safety controls
  13. Check drain lines and look for any condensation leaks
  14. Lubricate all bearings, motors when necessary
  15. Inspect exposed ductwork for leakage
  16. Check the voltage applied to all-electric motors
  17. Check the operating current of all-electric
  18. Check the indoor unit for levelness
  19. Check the disconnect
  20. Check the induced draft pressure switches for debris and proper operation

Very comprehensive, isn’t it? We’re ready when you’re ready, and one of our specialists will reach out to you.

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